Library Reopens After Months
Of Renovations, Improvements

A page of history has turned for the Orange Public Library.

A ribbon cutting ceremony on the steps of the library—performed by an Orange middle school student— culminated months of repairs and thousands of dollars in renovations, allowing the facility to be reopened to the public. The reopening ceremony, hosted by Orange Township Mayor Dwayne D. Warren, Esq., was well attended by residents, community leaders, government officials and library board members.

Mayor Warren thanked those whose “persistence and support” helped make the reopening possible — even those who “cried bloody foul” until the library was reopened, calling the closure “ a blow to our civilized society”. We felt her passion. In April 2013, the library was closed by the State of New Jersey due to safety violations.

“Reopening the library helps feed a communities’ never ending thirst for knowledge, wisdom, and understanding”, Library Director Timur Davis said to the crowd in attendance. “ A library is really the soul of a stable community. It is a safe haven for many, a friend to most; and a place to dream, explore, and learn how to turn thoughts and ideas into action. We have many exciting programs that you will be notified of shortly that are age appropriate and diverse in nature culturally and educationally”.

Timur Davis is an Adjunct Professor at Essex County College in Newark, New Jersey, where he teaches courses on Information/Library Science. Davis was the former Library Director at Wyandanch Public Library in Wyandanch, New York, managing a $1.2 million budget. He is a Newark Arts High School graduate. He later receiving his Associates of Arts in Liberal Arts from Essex County College, his Bachelor of Arts in History/ African American Studies from Jersey City State College, and a Masters of Science degree in Information Library Science from Pratt Institute: Graduate School of Information Library Science in Brooklyn, New York.

Although the Orange Library is once again open to the public, Mayor Warren says he will continue to secure more funds for additional renovations and facility upgrades. As Mayor Warren advocates for more funding and resources for the library, he will argue that “we’re doing more than just rebuilding a library with books and computers. We’re strengthening our neighborhoods and enhancing the cultural lives of our residents with a multipurpose 21st century center of learning and opportunity, as we continue to move Orange forward. "This is worth working for”, Mayor Warren said. “worth fighting for.”