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The Orange Public Library Board of Trustees is comprised of seven (7) members. These members are residents of the community, appointed by the Mayor and serve up to five (5) years per term.

Meetings are scheduled for the second Thursday of each month (except for August) and all meetings are open to the public.  Approved meeting dates and times are posted throughout the Library and annually in the Record Transcript. Anyone interested in serving on the Board of Trustees should contact the Mayor of Orange Township.

Board members include:

  1. Mr. Dwayne Warren, Mayor
  2. Mr. Ronald Lee, Superintendent of Schools
  3. Mrs. Karen Harris, Superintendent of Schools Alternate
  4. Mr. David McKnight, President
  5. Mrs. Sherry Ricks
  6. Ms. Adaeze Ekulide, Treasurer
  7. Mrs. Theresa A. Mason, Secretary
  8. Mrs. Brenda Swann-Douglas

What is a Trustee's role?

  1. Serve as part of a board on which every trustee participates.
  2. Give the time and attention the job requires.
  3. Study the problems and issues and contribute to discussions dealing with them.
  4. Retain an individual perspective in order to represent the many groups and individuals in
  5. Contribute to making decisions and accept compromise when valid listen and learn about libraries.
  6. Carry news about the library to the community and generate support and enthusiasm among the public.
  7. Reinforce the important role trustees play in governing the library.
  8. Work within the board structure to achieve goals the board has selected.
  9. Insist that the board be as professional as the staff it wants.

What is a Trustee Expected to Do?

  1. Obey state and federal laws.
  2. Support the library and library director.
  3. Attend all regular and special meetings of the board. Plan to avoid conflicts with other activities.
  4. Give time outside of meetings for the work of the board.
  5. Participate in discussions, having read the agenda and material supplied in advance.
  6. Be a member of the board rather than operate individually, but contribute individual opinion and knowledge to decision making.
  7. Stand by decisions of the board, or seek to change them with reason.
  8. Know the library being represented: its mission, goals and objectives; its services and programs; the director and staff members; and budget details.
  9. Promote and represent the library in the community. Be an advocate for library service. Work to make needed services possible.
  10. Know the community - its many groups and elements. Represent the entire community's interests.
  11. Accept assignments for committee work, lobbying, public relations activities, and other needed tasks.
  12. Identify others in the community interested in libraries and willing to work for them: they may be the next trustees.

Click Here to see a complete copy of the NJ Public Libraries Manual for Trustees. You will need a PDF reader to view this file.